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Windows 2000 Resource Kit Robocopy Download Xp

windows 2000 resource kit robocopy  xp


Windows 2000 Resource Kit Robocopy Download Xp >>


























































Windows 2000 Resource Kit Robocopy Download Xp



Bodhik says: March 12, 2010 at 8:03 am Hey Use synctoy, its microsoft utility, free of cost. Srvany.exe - Applications as Services Utility With Srvany, you can configure any Windows application so th.More. Pathman: Path Manager Adds or removes components of the system or user path. (This is a new link, thanks to reader Khan) DHCPLOC: DHCP Server Locator Utility DHCP Server Locator Utility displays the DHCP servers active on the subnet. HoboCopy - open-source backup tool (can copy open files) Npocmaka - Batch scripts, zipjs.bat + others OptimumX - Utilities by Marty List PDFtk - Command-line tool for processing PDFs Petter Nordahl-Hagen - Offline Windows Password & Registry Editor pretentiousname - Utilities by Leo Davidson Repl.bat - FInd and Replace text, JScript/Batch script FindRepl.bat - FInd and Replace text, JScript/Batch script SetRes - Set screen resolution (Ian Sharpe) Bill Stewart - Batch script and Windows admin tools (TrueLast LogonTime) SetACL - Utility to manage permissions, auditing and ownership (free) System Tools - Dump Event Log, Registry or Security info unxutils - Port of unix utilities to run under the CMD shell . Cla.msc - Cybersafe Log Analyst CyberSafe Log Analyst is a Microsoft Windows 2000 Security.More. SNMPutil & SNMPutilG SNMP Browser is a tool that lets you get SNMP information from an SNMP host on your network. The Reskit has a greater number of tools and documentation, and it is one of the most valuable resources for system administrators. Just do a search for it. Terminal Server Capacity Planning Tools This suite of tools assists organizations with Microsoft Wi.More. Unlike other text display tools, List is a good tool for looking at large text or log files because it does not read the whole file into memory when you open it. FreeDisk: This command-line tool checks a disk drive for free space, returning a 0 if the specified amount of free space is available and a 1 if it is not. Diskuse.exe DiskUse is a command-line tool that scans directories on a h.More.

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